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"I am a 'regular' with Renee Marie, and call on her more than I call on my own Doctor. Through her God given gift of healing, Renee keeps me pain & drug free from horrible back pain, and digestive problems. I love Renee. Thank-you."

- Kathi

"I saw you last weekend at the Heartland Spa. I was there with my mom and sister and aunts. I just wanted to let you know that you really opened me up to getting in touch with my own body and doing things that are good for me.  Your personality and energy has stayed with me since I left and you have really helped me become a more positive person and find good energy in life around me. I just wanted to let you know that. You are a wonderful person…Thanks again for being such an open soul and instant friend."

- Becky

"…my mom, my sister and I all met you at Heartland last July and we each had a reflexology session with you…You were the best and most memorable part of Heartland.  I sure wish you; your skills and your spirit were not so far away from where I am -- South Texas. …love and best wishes always to a wonderful and inspirational woman."

- Louise

"I listened to your talk at the Heartland spa, back in March, after which you gave me a "treatment.” I had been suffering from congestion for over a month…had been to the Dr. multiple relief.  As I was lying there on your little bed, I peeked, to see what you were doing (just a couple of times) and thought, "Well this is a bunch of BS ". Very negative!!! That night I got up to the bathroom 4 times!!!!  The next morning, my cough was GONE!!!!! Amazing...especially since I was so negative. So, thank you very much."

- Lynda

"So, you "cured" the bursitis on my right elbow with the marathon session we had at the Heartland. I was the skeptic - no more!!"

- Jeannie

You are such a blessing, Renee. Thank you so much for the time you spent with me last week. The week at the Heartland was so sorely needed; I'm incorporating a lot into my daily life to lessen the stress. Although last week was my first experience with Reiki it certainly will not be my last! Thanks for everything.

- Cassie