About Renee Marie

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Holistic Healing all started when…

I have been practicing holistic therapies for nearly 25 years. I started this journey of self discovery in my mid-20s I suffered with chronic TMJ pain that led me to a serious break down. I tried many main stream therapies utilizing western medicine without much success. I was a cosmetologist at the time, where I worked in a salon for many years, doing what I loved. Since my struggled with chronic pain, I started working as a nail technician (since it was easier on my body.) What I discovered was that after giving many pedicures and manicures, my clients were amazed how I helped ease their pain physically and emotionally. Just by massaging their feet and hands! This is when I discovered reflexology after finding a reflexology book at the local bookstore. Now with a clear understanding how I was helping so many. I found a reflexologist in the area where I had received my first reflexology session. I was so amazed by the treatment and how much it helped me with chronic TMJ pain Iv’e been struggling with for years. My first reflexologist and mentor Allen Burt  told me  about the International Institute of Reflexology this was where I  received my first reflexology certification. I joined the Reflexology Association of Illinois. Within the same year I started my own business. The Healthy Touch Wellness Center

I’ve  continued learning many alternative therapies  expanding  my knowledge  to aide  in healing…: lymphatic drainage, crystal therapy, Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher, Craino Sacral Therapy. I am  a natural medical intuitive blessed with the gift of feeling and following your energy knowing what therapies are needed to help you achieve mental, physical and spiritual balance. I  will give you nutritional recommendations and tools for growth and self healing.


Flowing Fabrics all started when…

My first experience with sewing started in ninth grade a semester of sewing. I made A night shirt with a matching cap. I loved the feeling it gave me. When I was young I made a few shirts, skirts and maternity clothing when I was pregnant in my early 20s. My next sewing project was 20 years later when I needed curtains for my yoga studio in Crete in 2008. My husband Michael surprised me with a sewing machine for my birthday. I was so excited, I sewed 35 feet of curtains. My next sewing project started in 2017 making curtains for my home .This time I kept on sewing…pillowcases, pants, shirts & different styles of clothing. My friends kept telling me I should start my own fabric line. Abby was my biggest fan. I finally got Abby out of sweatpants and wearing my “Renee Marie” clothes as she calls  them. I decided to call my creations Renee Marie’s Flowing Fabrics since everything I make is comfortable and flowing with healing energy. I sew all of my clothes in my little  cabin on the river in Clifton Illinois. I mostly do custom orders for my clients they give me their measurements and the style they prefer. Clients can choose their own fabric or I choose the fabric (as I do most frequently) since I’m a intuitive/visionary. They love the element of surprise with a new garment to enhance their wardrobe . Either way I sew with love.

Love to Sew you Soon

Blessings Renee Marie