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Renee Marie's Flowing Fabrics...

My first experience with sewing started in ninth grade a semester of home ec. I made a night shirt with a matching nightcap. I love the feeling sewing gave me. My mother in law was a great inspiration to me.  She sewed a lot fancy prom dresses and other clothing articles. She also sewed my wedding dress, I was in charge of sequencing and beading. I made a few shirts, skirts, and maternity clothes. I went many, many years without sewing, until I needed curtains for my yoga class in Crete back in 2008. My husband, Michael, surprised me with a sewing machine for my birthday since I never owned my own. I was thrilled and away I went sewing 35 feet of curtains! Again some time had passed since my last sewing project and in 2017 I needed curtains for a home Michael I rehabilitated. After the curtains I went as far as buying a pattern for pants. It was pretty frustrating at times but I kept at it. I made a pair over and over till I perfected them. My friends kept saying how I should start selling my clothes. My friend Abby was my biggest fan. I finally got her out of sweatpants after 30 years! Now she's wearing my Renee pants as she calls them. I mostly do custom orders most of my clients like me to choose fabric and I design the pants. It's so fun! The excitement of receiving their surprise pants like a new gift every time. I love making someone feeling happy and special as we all are. I will keep adding pictures for different options of what you would like or you can send me some fabric of any style you like. I sew with love. I hope to SEW you soon. Blessings Renee Marie.




Something about the comfort of the pants here.